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How to Run a Fun and Successful Nearly Live Event!


How to Run a Fun and Successful Nearly Live Event!

Know the Course. Review the course map and become familiar with the race route. Please visit the course map for the event / course you choose for more detailed information. However, during your run / walk you will have turn by turn instructions.

Prepare for your run / walk. Our Nearly Live events are self supported.  If you wish to bring hydration or fuel for your race, you must carry it, stash it along the course prior to the race, get a friend to bounce from one point to the next, or have someone ride alongside you with their bike. Runners are strongly encouraged to create their nutrition support plan before arriving at the start line. Note that any nutrition items stashed along the course are done so at the risk of being tampered with by the public.

Tell your friends and family. Add friends and family to your fan club.  Your friends and family can download the RaceJoy app and they can set it to alert them when you start your race, allow them to send messages of encouragement while you run and more!  MAke sure they choose “Spectator” – I want to TRACK SOMEONE.

Race!! Head to the start Line for your race at the day and time of your choosing (within the race time frame). Runners are encouraged to take care of restroom needs prior to arriving at the start line. Even though restrooms are scattered along our courses, there is NO GUARANTEE that they will be open on the day you run or walk your race.

Make sure that your RaceJoy app is running, and that you have plenty of battery life in your smartphone. Once you are ready to run click “start my run” and you are off to the races!: 

As you make your way through the course, the RaceJoy app will guide you to make sure you know exactly where to go. You will also receive messages telling you your mileage, pace and estimated finish time. We will throw in a few words of encouragement for you and your friends and family can chime in at real time to send you words of encouragement.  

Finish!  Upon finishing, your results will be displayed fairly immediately.  

Upcoming Nearly Live Events

Run Like Hell - Nearly LiveOctober 30 – November 1, 2020

Participants can choose to run a full marathon, half marathon, 10k or 5k. Runners and walkers will use the RaceJoy App to guide them along the course, telling them when they are off course, where bathrooms and water are located and much more! Learn More