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A Virtual Run Benefitting Habitat for Humanity

Virtual Grateful Dad Race

June 19 - 21, 2020

Father's Day Weekend

A virtual run from virtually anywhere

Grateful Dad Half Marathon, 10k, 5k
Grateful Dad Half Marathon, 10k, 5k
Grateful Dad Half Marathon, 10k, 5k
Grateful Dad Half Marathon, 10k, 5k

Father’s Day Weekend Virtual Running Event

The 2020 Grateful Dad race, originally set for June 20th, will be going virtual.  This option will allow you to safely walk or run the race from wherever you are during Father’s Day weekend (Friday June 19th – Sunday June 21st).  You can participate in this virtual event on the roads, on a track, on the trails or on a treadmill.  We will also mark the start / finish and turn around points of the original event course, so you can actually get out there and run the “real” course. 

The root of this event is about celebrating dads, uncles, grandpas, or any father figure in our lives.  Even though you may be running alone, together we are celebrating dads and all that they do for us. This event will also be supporting a very important partner in a great time of need, Habitat for Humanity.


  1. Follow us on social media at https://www.facebook.com/events/473458660189282/ for encouragement, training tips, and some cool contests.
  2. Run your race distance on any course of your choice between June 19th at 12:01am and June 21st at 8:00pm.   For those that are local to Portland, we will have the start / finish and turn around points of the actual course marked so you can run that course too.  There will be NOTHING else provided but a simple mark of those points.  We recommend using the asics run keeper app to track your distance and time.
  3. Post your results before 8:00 pm on Sunday June 21st using your confirmation code to the results page
  4. We will mail you all your swag 4-6 weeks after the event.


  1. We have some fun contests planned, check our FB page for updates
  2. Engage with other runners and and make sure to post a selfie using VirtualGratefulDad2020
  3. Run while listening to our Spotify playlist
  4. Print off your bib and wear it on your run or for your post-run selfie!


  1. Run using a gps tracking device.  We recommend downloading the asics run keeper app which easily syncs with our timing companies software and will be the easiest for everyone.
  2. You must complete the entire distance you registered for in a single workout. You cannot run the distance over the course of multiple days or workouts.
  3. You must use your elapsed time.  Once you start your run, don’t stop your time for any reason other than you are finished. This means you should probably choose a route without stoplights that you might have to wait for.
  4. You personally must run or walk the route.  No bikes, cars, or other ways to cheat.
  5. Treadmills are allowed, but again no stopping your time for any reason once you start the run. We suggest using a stopwatch in addition to your treadmill timer if you are completing the run on the treadmill. this will allow the stopwatch to continue to run if you have to go pee in the middle of the run and need to stop the treadmill.
Terrapin Events Virtual Run Series


Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or issues with uploading or viewing your results. Good luck!

Grateful Dad Swag

Included in certain packages or can be purchased separately at checkout.

Grateful Dad Bottle Opener Coaster Set

Bottle Opener Coaster Set

Grateful Dad Virtual Bib

Virtual Race Bib

Click here to download

Grateful Dad Collapsible Cup

Collapsible Cup

Grateful Dad Face Mask

Face Mask

Virtual Grateful Dad Shirts

Commemorative Shirt


All packages include online race results via Negative Split Timing.

PACKAGE #1 – $35

Hustle Against Hunger Virtual Race Bib   Virtual Grateful Dad Shirts

(Does not include $9.99 shipping)

PACKAGE #2 – $50

Hustle Against Hunger Virtual Race Bib   Virtual Grateful Dad Shirts   Grateful Dad Collapsible Cup

(Includes free shipping)

PACKAGE #3 – $75

Hustle Against Hunger Virtual Race Bib   Virtual Grateful Dad Shirts   Grateful Dad Collapsible Cup  Grateful Dad Bottle Opener Coaster Set

(Includes free shipping)


Hustle Against Hunger Virtual Race Bib   Virtual Grateful Dad Shirts   Grateful Dad Collapsible Cup  Grateful Dad Bottle Opener Coaster Set

  • Exclusive “My First 5k” commemorative shirt

(Includes free shipping)


What is a virtual race?

A virtual race can be run or walked anytime and anywhere.  You can run it outdoors or even indoors on a treadmill.  For this event, you can even run the original course if you live around the Portland area (see original course maps below)

How does a virtual race work?

Simply register for the Grateful Dad event, complete the distance anytime and anywhere you desire, and upload your finish time.  We will mail you your swag items after you have uploaded your results and the race period has ended. 

When does the race take place?

You can complete your race and submit your time during Father’s Day weekend – Friday, June 19th at 12:01 am through Sunday, June 21st at 11:59pm (PST).  

What if I’m not able to complete my race during the race period?

In order to participate you must complete the race during the dates we have scheduled for the event.  If you miss this one, you can join any of our other virtual events.  Please email us [email protected] if you have any questions.

Can anyone participate?

Yes! Dads, moms, young or old, runners or walkers, fast or slow – we encourage participants of all ages and ability levels.  Heck you can even virtually run with your friends and family across the country!  This event is about supporting Habitat for Humanity and celebrating dads, grandpas, uncles, or any Father figure in our lives. 

What if I was already registered for the Grateful Dad event before it became virtual?

 If you registered for the Grateful Dad before March 16th, you have the following options: 

  • Option #1 – Participate in the virtual race in 2020 during Father’s Day weekend.  You run your distance and submit your time.  You will also receive a discount code for 50% off the 2021 Grateful Dad registration when it opens.  
  • Option #2 – Transfer your 2020 Grateful Dad registration to 2021 and not participate in the virtual race.
What do I get when I register?

This depends on which package you select during registration.  All participants will receive a virtual race bib and their name in the online results.  You can also add on items to your registration such as a bottle opener coaster set, t-shirt, collapsible cup and a facemask.

How should I select my route?

You can run wherever you like.  Run on the street, trails, track or treadmill.  Run up hills, down hills or on flat ground.  It is all up to you.  For this event, if you live close to the Portland area, you can run the actual race course over the weekend.  We will mark out the start / finish line and turn around points for each distance.  However, be aware that you are on your own.  There will be absolutely no race support available, including directional signs and mile markers.

How should I track my race and submit my results?

Submit with the Runkeeper app (see instructions below). You will submit your results by following a link that Negative Split Timing will email to you. This link will take you to the results site and you will just enter the unique confirmation code that will enable you to record your time.

Follow these steps to get started

  1. Download for iPhone  |  Download for Android
  2. You will arrive in the challenges view; choose the distance of your choice and select “Join Now”.
    *You are welcome to select a different distance than you originally registered for; the distance must be offered within the Negative Split Timing Test Event or your results will not show in the results page.
  3. You are all set to record your run
    *IMPORTANT: Once you accept the challenge, the very next run of equal or greater distance you complete on Runkeeper will be recorded as your virtual run time. If you plan to use the Runkeeper app to train more before completing your official virtual run, we recommend waiting to join the challenge until you’re ready to make it count!
  4. After completing the run, you will recieve an email from Runkeeper that directs you to click the included link to post your time to the official Negative Split Event Timing Test Event results page.

Runkeeper App

Where / when can I see my race results?

Race results will be posted online Monday, June 22nd here: https://results.raceroster.com/results/7dwb23nszc2qqy6m

Are there prizes/awards for top finishers or age division?

No, we will not be doing any prizes or awards for our virtual races. 

When do I receive my swag items?

We will mail your items after the race has ended on June 21st.  Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for us to order the swag, receive it from our vendors, and then ship to you.  We will be getting the items out to you as quickly as we can!  

How much of my registration is donated to Habitat for Humanity?

We are donating 25% of all proceeds to the Habitat for Humanity.

Can I use a discount code from volunteering or a previous race?

Yes!  We do allow you to use discount codes for our virtual races.  Just enter your code in the discount code tab on the checkout page of registration.  NOTE: Discount codes do not cover additional merchandise.  Please email [email protected] if you have any issues with your discount code. 


Run from anywhere or utilize the original course if your local, it's up to you!

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