2024 Map

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2024 Map
Balance Beams A-Frame Trenches Angled Walls Floating Steps The Bridge / Low Crawl Crawl Tube / Ramp Over Hurdles Mud Mounds Sandbag Carry Agility Tires Tire Flip Football Throw Hobbit Hole Double Barrel Slide Mud Pit Start Finish

Balance Beams

Balance Beams

1. Balance Beams

Participants should traverse from one end to the other without touching the ground.


2. A-Frame

Participants should climb up one side and down the other, getting them over the fence, run the short distance to the second one and repeat.


3. Trenches

Participants should make their way from one end to the other.

Angled Walls

angled walls

4. Angled Walls

Participants should climb up the back side of the first wall and slide down the front side of it, then run up the front side of the second wall and climb down the back side of it.

Floating Steps

floating steps

5. Floating Steps

Participants should jump from one step to the next without touching the ground.

The Bridge / Low Crawl

Low Crawl

6. The Bridge

Participants should cross over the bridge.

19. Low Crawl

Participants should low crawl under the rope and wooden bridge.

Crawl Tube / Ramp Over

7. Crawl Tube

16. Ramp Over

Participants should run up the ramp and jump back down to the ground on the other side.



8. Hurdles

Participants should simply run over these without touching them.

Mud Mounds

Mud Mounds

9. Mud Mounds

Participants should traverse through the mud and over the piles of dirt.

Sandbag Carry

10. Sandbag Carry

Participants should pick up a bag, run around the loop, and set it back down in the pile where they got it from.

Agility Tires

Agility Tires

11. Agility Tires

Participants should step into every tire from one end to the other. This should be completed while carrying a sandbag

Tire Flip

Tire Flip

12. Tire Flip

Participants should flip the tires once, then flip them back the opposite direction.

Football Throw

13. Football Throw

Hobbit Hole

14. Hobbit Hole

Double Barrel Slide

Double Barrel Slide

15. Double Barrel Slide

Participants should pick either the right or left slide and zip through the inside of the pipes.

Mud Pit

18. Mud Pit

Participants should make their way through the giant mud pit.


Start going on the gravel road heading west from the parking lot.


Finish going behind the vendors heading west into the festival area.