HI all,

We’ve been asked many times over the years “where does my registration fee go” or some other form of that question.  As most of you probably know, organizing a running event is not an easy or inexpensive endeavor.  All events cost a lot of money to produce.  In the city of Portland, it is even more expensive.   Did you all know that we are one of the only companies that produce events in the core downtown area?  This is very expensive and labor intensive but allows you folks to really experience the city in a fun and unique way.

Here is a breakdown of where most of your registration fees go.

PLANNING AND PREPARATION:  Most of the year, we are a small staff of three people.  We work full time, year round preparing for these great events.  We have meetings with city officials, sponsors, beneficiaries, and countless others.  We research, design and order products such as shirts, medals and cups.  We create site plans and seek out entertainment and much much more!

CITY OF PORTLAND PERMITS:  We pay the city of Portland a large application fee as well as a “per participant” fee.

POLICE SERVICES:  We typically have 50 or more officers at our events to control traffic and insure the safety of our participants.  This is not a free service and is one of our largest costs.

PBOT SERVICES:  We work closely with PBOT to plan and create safe routes for everyone while insuring the lowest impact on the general public.  During race weekends, we pay PBOT crews to set out street closure barricades, no parking barricades, traffic cones and much more.  We are billed for all these service hours.

ODOT SERVICES:  We pay permit fees to ODOT and any time we run on state of Oregon roads (I.E the Fremont Bridge), we must coordinate with ODOT to insure the safety of the runners.  On race weekend, ODOT crews are out there bright and early setting up traffic control for your safety.

OTHER SERVICES:  Whenever we run over a bridge or through a park, we must pay a fee for using those services.  Portland Parks, Multnomah County and others are involved in this process.

OTHER PERMITS:  OLCC, NOISE VARIANCES, HEALTH PERMITS ETC.  We need to provide these for each event we hold.

PARKING REMOVAL:  We must clear the entire course of vehicles.  We spent countless late hours placing no parking barricades along the routes.  Regardless, people still park there.  We pay a towing company to come and remove each and every car from the course.  Not cheap.

POST RACE PARTY AREA RENTAL:  We must rent a venue to hold the post race party. (IE Lee Farms, Waterfront Park, Pioneer Square)

PROFESSIONAL CHIP TIMING:  We hire a third party timing company to provide you with fast and accurate timing results.

INSURANCE:  We must provide coverage for all of our participants for all of our events.

MEDICAL SERVICES:  We have many trained medical professionals riding bikes through our courses to provide medical assistance to anyone in need.  We also have trained medical staff at the finish area for all of our events.

RACE STAFF:  We have numerous staff (about 15 per event)who work their butts off for the week or so leading up to the event, and work long hours for the two or three days prior to and post event.

RACE T-SHIRTS:  We provide custom women’s / men’s shirts for all of our participants.

CUSTOM RACE BIBS:  Each participant receives a custom race bib for our events.

FOOD:  We typically hire a caterer to provide you with warm and delicious food.  Not many events do this.

BEER / ETC:  We provide each participant free beer / wine / cider / mimosas or tasting tickets at each event.

DONATIONS:  We donate tens of thousands of dollars each event to local charities, schools, clubs etc.

OBSTACLES AND OBSTACLE MAINTENANCE:  For our mud runs, we must create new obstacles and maintain existing obstacles from year to year.  This requires a crew to work for several weeks leading up to the event to insure the obstacles are fun yet safe to use.

EQUIPMENT RENTAL:  We rent radios, vans, trucks and other equipment such as tables, tents and chairs for each event.

TOILETS:  We provide toilets both at the finish area and along the course.  Typical races provide one toilet per 125 participants.  We actually provide one for about every 50-60 participants.

STAGE / SOUND / ENTERTAINMENT:  We provide great entertainment at the finish line, on our main stage and along our courses.  We rent the stage, sound and sound tech, and pay all of our bands.

KIDS ZONE:  We hire Olive and Dingo for each of our events and purchase lots of fun crafts for the kids.  They create a fun and energetic kids area for all of your kids to play and stay entertained.  They also lead the kids race and provide each kid with a participant ribbon.

MEDALS / CUPS:  We provide awesome custom medals to all of our half marathon finishers.  We provide everyone at Bridge to Brews a souvenir drinking cup.

PRIZES AND RIBBONS:  We provide prizes and ribbons to top three male / female finishers in each age category and prizes to top three overall male / female for each distance.

DECORATIONS:  We typically try to decorate for each themed event.  Run Like Hell is Halloween themed, My Muddy Valentine is Valentine’s themed etc etc.